Friday, February 20, 2015

New Rainbow Loom Necklace Spectacular!

Rainbow Loom Necklace
The new rainbow loom necklace spectacular
is something that I made all by myself when I was trying to be creative and it turned out perfect so
know I'm going to post how to do it.

#1.   First you need to get a lot and lot of loom bands and about 8-10 c/s clips or so.

#2.  After your done getting your loom bands and clips it's time were you use your fingers and make the rainbow loom into one long giant line about 6-8 feet long.

#3. When your done add a clip to the end then you grab the two sides and fold it together so it looks like 2 pieces then you just keep on doing it till it looks like a whole bunch of loom bands alltogether like the picture looks like just not atatched together.

#4. Finally you use your c/s clips and then you grab a clip and clip one side on one of the sides, and then clip it to the other side then just do the same thing you did with the first one till all the sides are atatched, then your done!

                             KNOW THAT YOUR ALL DONE YOU CAN WEAR IT!!!     

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