Sunday, June 14, 2015

why you should watch ''Full House''

The best thing about Full House is that you'd  probably like it and understand it about the age 4-ever. You can watch Full House on NETFLIX.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: the two tattlers are twins and their to names are Nicky(Nickoulas) and Alex(Alexander), and Nicky and Alex's mom and dad are Jesse and Rebecka, and Jesse's brother in law Danny is a dad to Dj, Stephanie, and Michelle, then Dj the oldest girl in the long black dresses boyfriend is Steve. Then Dj's best friend is Kimmy, and then the boy next to Rebecka is Danny's best friend since grade school is Joey.

                                              I  LOVE FULL HOUSE!

Guiding or Scouting

Guiding and Scouting is fun! Guiding is for girls only and scouting is boys
 and girls but more boys are scouters. I am a girl guide so I know by
experience that girl guiders camp, go on sleepovers, go on field trips,
play inside and outside, learn and try new things, cook, do crafts, make

new friends, earn keys and badges and a lot of other fun things I probably
didn't list. My dad,
uncle and a few friends are or use to be in Scouting so I know that

scouters camp, have sleepovers, go on field trips, say their pledge,
learned about god and jesus, prey, play games, do crafts, earn
badges and again a lot of other fun things. Sparks and Beavers

are 4-5-6, Brownies and Cubs are 7-8-9, and Guides and Scouts are
9-10-11 and sometimes 12 years old.

          the top picture i drew is the guiding symbol and the second picture i drew is the scouting  symbol

Saturday, June 13, 2015

how to take care of a newborn

steps on how to take care of a newborn

step 1: it' will be a good idea to read this post because what if you just had your first child or expecting a
new baby soon you need to make sour you are doing things right.


step 2: at the first couple weeks at home with your new born you cant just put you baby in a tub of warm water  you washcloth bath him/her for the first couple weeks at home.

                                                           the first poo

oh the first poo was quite a surprise it was green ish almost tar like but don't be alarmed this all quite normal
now never ever wipe back to front always wipe front to back.warning it is always gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         the first feed 

 now weather you choose to bress feed or bottle feed both is cutie tough like finding a comfortable seet and all is tough but after a few feed you shod get the hang of it.

                                                           on the way to the hostaple

now as well as all the things you need for your self there are some things four new baby's arrival such as burp
cloths because your new baby will spit up, baby pas afire baby's have a strong sucking reflex and a baby pas afire can help sooth them,dippers and wipes,hat's and mittens to help prevent them skrachings them selves,and a warm outfit for them to where on the way home.