Sunday, January 25, 2015

how to keep little peple quiet

step 1:try giving them a bottle or real food deepens on his/her's age.
step 2:if that doesn't work then try changing it's diaper.
step 3: see if he/she's tired.
step 4 :another thing is to try playing with him/her.

 If that still doesn't work  then your child mite be teething or sick.

Friday, January 23, 2015

how to make raindbow loom step by step eazy

you can make rainbow loom on your fingers or on your loom.

Step 1: get some coloured elastics you can get it from Toys R us.
step 2: choose if your doing it on the loom or not.It look's something like this...(i did a lot more than this)
 step 3: you can watch a video on YouTube  like i said you can do it on your  fingers,loom,pencils or
even on a fork.I love making rainbow loom,And I sell them $1.50 pear bracelet. tttght

blogathon kick off post

Biannual Blogathon Bash The Sisters Are Thinking are participating in the blogathon this weekend. Up date the about me section. We can take pictures with are blog posts The Sisters Are Thinking. We decided that we're going to blog a lot and that every years blogathon we're going to participate in it.  We think that blogging might turn into one of are hobbies. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Grade 3 is Awesome

In grade 3 you learn multiplication how to do multiplication.say the question was 6x7
you do 7 rose of 6, so 6x7 is 42.Also in grade 3 you learn how to problem solving.If my
question was bob has 98 books he got 45 more how many books dos bob has.bob has 143books 
all together.

How to make a bed properly

step 1: Take of everything on your bed. step 2: pull over the thin sheet to keep you extra warm. step 3: pull the comforter and tuck it in under your bed. step 4: put pillow cases on the pillows and put it on your bed. step 5: put everything back on your bed neatly. that is how you make a bed properly.

how to take care of pets

taking care of a dog is a big responsibly,I know because I have a dog.first things first you need to learn how to take it for walks,feed it,Tran it and so much more.Dog's like to eat human food but try not to give it to them give it dog food to him/her.When you take it for a walk always put a leash on him\her.Now you know how to take care of a dog.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

practis makes perfect

You will never learn how to do something if you never...PRACTIS! PRACTIS! 

You know what they always say practis makes perfect.for example i did not think i was good at video games but i practisd  and now i am vary good at it now.