Monday, February 2, 2015


Babies are cute and little but having a baby is a big responsibility. There is some things you have to know about taking care of a baby.You have to know how to change the babies butt and put close on with out hurting the baby. Number 1,When the baby is a few days,weeks,or months old you have to be more careful if there like 1 or 2 years old. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR BABY CRIES, Step 1, If the baby talks listen to the baby and see what she or he's saying.If your baby does not talk then first try to give the baby a bottle or a toy. You may herd that babies have a soft spot on there head, and that's true.

Babies have a soft spot on the top of there head.You have to be very concerned about your baby because it's called a soft spot because it's soft and if you touch down on it your baby will get very hurt. So keep little kids from touching the babies. If you find out that your going to have a baby you don't now if your going to have a girl or boy. Even if you go to the doctor to see if it's a boy or girl they don't now 100% so you should think of a boy and girl name. You should ALWAYS keep sharp stuff away of your babies touch!


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