Saturday, February 21, 2015

what Morgan thinks the future will be like

I think the future will be awesome.For instance I will have my own house and my kid's will have to listen to my rules.Also I will have a real cellphone and I get to use Facebook.HOORAY!!!HOARY!!!HOARY!!!hear is a picture of me dressed like a mom with my little sister Aria.And just look at that smile is it cute.when I' get older i want to be a mom and a vet for Dog's. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

New Rainbow Loom Necklace Spectacular!

Rainbow Loom Necklace
The new rainbow loom necklace spectacular
is something that I made all by myself when I was trying to be creative and it turned out perfect so
know I'm going to post how to do it.

#1.   First you need to get a lot and lot of loom bands and about 8-10 c/s clips or so.

#2.  After your done getting your loom bands and clips it's time were you use your fingers and make the rainbow loom into one long giant line about 6-8 feet long.

#3. When your done add a clip to the end then you grab the two sides and fold it together so it looks like 2 pieces then you just keep on doing it till it looks like a whole bunch of loom bands alltogether like the picture looks like just not atatched together.

#4. Finally you use your c/s clips and then you grab a clip and clip one side on one of the sides, and then clip it to the other side then just do the same thing you did with the first one till all the sides are atatched, then your done!

                             KNOW THAT YOUR ALL DONE YOU CAN WEAR IT!!!     

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sofia the first beginind

I was a girl in the village doing alrite  then i became a princess over night now I got figure out how to do it right so much to learn and and see up in the castle with my new family in a school just for royalty
I got a whole enchanted world is waiting for me, I'M so exited to be finding out what being royalty's all about( Sofia the first) making my way it's an adventure every day it's  going  to be my time (Sofia) to  show them all Sofia the first.

Monday, February 2, 2015

bedroom idas

how i keep my bedroom organized is... do you guys know that some people don't have jewelery box's,
a place to keep make-up or hair stuff.Well those problem's are over.All you need is masking tape.You
just put some tape on the back of the idem and stick it on your wall.   


Babies are cute and little but having a baby is a big responsibility. There is some things you have to know about taking care of a baby.You have to know how to change the babies butt and put close on with out hurting the baby. Number 1,When the baby is a few days,weeks,or months old you have to be more careful if there like 1 or 2 years old. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR BABY CRIES, Step 1, If the baby talks listen to the baby and see what she or he's saying.If your baby does not talk then first try to give the baby a bottle or a toy. You may herd that babies have a soft spot on there head, and that's true.

Babies have a soft spot on the top of there head.You have to be very concerned about your baby because it's called a soft spot because it's soft and if you touch down on it your baby will get very hurt. So keep little kids from touching the babies. If you find out that your going to have a baby you don't now if your going to have a girl or boy. Even if you go to the doctor to see if it's a boy or girl they don't now 100% so you should think of a boy and girl name. You should ALWAYS keep sharp stuff away of your babies touch!