Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fuller House

''Fuller House'' is a comedy show that came out on Netflix on February 26 2016.

If you have seen the show  
''Full House'' it is simular to 
''Fuller House'' exept the 3 main characters Dj, Stephanie, and
Kimmy are adults (incharge) 

 ''Fuller House'' is a great funny show 

It's about the mother Dj Fuller.  Her husband passed away reasently. So it's upto Dj to take care of her 3 sons Jackson, Max, and Tommy (oldest to youngest-left to right) but then once Dj's younger sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy see how stressful it is for Dj being all alone Stephanie and Kimmy decide to move in with Dj and her boys to help Dj take care of them.

So Go Right Now To Netflix and Go Watch ''Fuller House'' 

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