Saturday, March 21, 2015

How To Woodburn

If your an beginner on woodburning you should follow these instructions because I've actually woodburned before. First you'll need a pen, wood, a picture to woodburn or an idea in your head, the burner, somewhere

theirs light, tape and carvon paper. Next you grab your piece of wood and put it in the spot where theirs light,
then you put your carvon paper and put it on the wood and over top of the carvon paper you put the picture

then tape it on the wood. After all of that's done you slowly use your pen and trace the picture but wile your doing that do not take off the tape and carving paper to look at your picture till it's done because if  you do it

will wreck the whole woodburning. When your done tracing your picture this is the part where you really have to be careful, cause this is when you take off the tape and carving paper and

you start burning the picture. When your burning the picture if your a kid you should have a parent or guardian watch or help you

when your woodburning cause if  you burn yourself it feels like fire. Finally when your done all those steps you can hang up your woodburning, you could give it to a friend you can do whatever you want with it, and know you now how to woodburn! 

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