Sunday, June 22, 2014

Drawing Tip

Here is a picture that I made. I drew this by myself. If you want to draw this good here’s a tip.

Find something that’s very still and it doesn’t move at all like a picture on the wall.

Draw every single part of it then when you’re done you’ll have a beautiful masterpiece.

 - Alastrin


  1. I love your baby penguin, and you have a great art tip. :)

  2. I love it but just drawing every part does not mean I'll have a beautiful masterpiece. LOL

    1. Alastrin says: It's ok I can teach you very carefully how to draw like that!

  3. Nice job. I love penguins and this one is so cute! I think you did a good job of finding a tip for a kid that makes sense and may not be something they had thought of yet. - from Lori, the mom on our blog

    How cute! She did a good job. - from Julia, age 5, one of the giggly girls on our blog

  4. Penguins are my favorite! Great tips and great drawing!

  5. What a great tip. Very cute penguin!


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